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You are what you eat in the physical sense, but what a person does for a living defines that person and makes up a large part of their identity. Money aside a person's work should be something they can enjoy and feel good about. Money is not everything; a person who is miserable with ten dollars will still be miserable with ten million. Anyone who pays attention to the misery present in the lives of the rich and famous in the media can atest to this. What we need to do is make a intense effort to find out who we are and what our future goals are. With any luck the research compiled from this webquest will put that future in motion.

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The Task

Explore the Board of Labor Website and do searches on different careers you would like to pursue. For this project you will analyze and evaluate a specific career by first breaking the career down into the following categories and summarizing them into a power point presentation to present to the class.

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The Process

  1. Brainstorm career ideas with your computer partner
  2. Isolate three career options to explore on the Department of Labor website
  3. Do searches on all three careers through the A-Z Index on the DOL and read up on them
  4. Choose one career for your research project.
  5. Create an outline using the above criteria bulleted in the task
  6. Incorprate information into a power point presentation (12 Slide Minimum)
  7. Create a twelve slide power point presentation on that career.
  8. Give a power point presentation to the rest of the class on that career.

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Outline and Clear plan of organization


Unorganized outline with little to no organization
Some organization , but lacking  clear plan
Formatted outline that outlines some organiztion
Fully formatted and organized outline


Power Point Presentation



PPT is under 12 slides and lacks any salient information or fuctions
PPT is under 12, but at least 9 slides with little salient info and salient info .
12 slide presentation with some good info and  showing some advanced use of PPT functions.
12 or more slides containing salient information on the career using advanced fuctions.





Refusal to do presentation. Disruptive during other presentations (0)
Failure to follow directions for proper presentation.
Clear  attempt to engage audience.
Excellent and dynamic presentation which engaged the audience and  entertained questions.


Proper Research and Evaluation


Clear lack of any research or evaluation..
Some salient research with minor inaccuracies. No Evaluation
Clear summary or career and some evaluation.
Complete summary of career and complete evaluation.


On Task Behavior, cooperation and work ethics
Poor attendence and inattentive.
Some effort at cooperation
Working and sharing with a  partner. Helping others
Showing a clear plan of cooperation and orgaization. Helping others

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What have you decided about this career? Is this still a career option you would like to pursue in the future, or is it time to explore other options? Write a one page (100 word) reflection on what you have learned about this career and how this activity has changed your view of it. Give details of your conclusions and brainstorm some alternatives. If the career is not for you there is no need for dispair.  If you look to the "related occupations" section on the DOL website you may find some alternative. You may also get career ideas from the presentations of your classmates.

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Credits & References

U.S. Department of Labor

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