Outline and Clear plan of organization


Unorganized outline with little organization or understanding of the task
Some organization, but lacking a clear plan
Formatted outline that outlines most aspects of the task
Fully formatted and organized outline that completely outlines project tasks


Power Point Presentation



PPT is under 12 slides, lacking relevant information, visuals and is difficult to read. Overcrowded slides/Poorly formatted slides
PPT is under 12, but at least 9 slides with some relevant information . Relevant visuals on some slides. Overcrowded slides 12 slide presentation or more with an assortment of relevant information and at least five visuals. Shows some advanced use of PPT functions. 12 or more slides containing relevant information and over five visuals on the career using advanced functions.


to the class



loosely organized presentation with a fuzzy vocalized performance
Somewhat organized presentation with a clearly vocalized presentation Clear presentation, well organized and vocalized. Attempts to engage audience.  Dynamic presentation and vocalization, which engaged the audience and  entertained questions.


Proper Research


Clear lack of  research or evaluation.. Some relevant research with minor inaccuracies concerning topic
Clear summary of career using web sources from class. Complete summary of career using web sources from class and at least one other relevant cited source.


On Task Behavior, cooperation and work ethics
Poor attendance and occasionally off task. Working well with equipment and classmates
Working exceptionally well with equipment and classmates. Never off task.
Showing a clear plan of cooperation and organization through out the project. Helping others