Revolution Quest

A WebQuest for Global History IV

Designed by

Jarrod McEntarfer

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Introduction Throughout global history, there have been major political, economic, social and cultural revolutions. These revolutions have had complex causes and left lasting impacts on people's lives .

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The Task

Your overall task is to create a power point presentation on a specific revoluton that includes a well organized format, an introduction with a thesis statement, several slides explaining the thesis and a conclusion. :

For your final project you and your partner will present your Power Point to the class using the guidlines stated in class.

Suggestions: You may discuss any revoltuion from you study of global history, except The American Revolution. Some suggestions you may wish  to consider are: The Commercial Revolution, The Reformation, the Enlightenment, The French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, The Russian Revolution, The Neolithic Revolution, The Renaissance. You are not limited to these suggestions.

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The Process
  1. Get with your Group and decide on the following roles (Recorder/Designer, Reader/Presenter)
  2. Decide on a topic Revolution (So that we cover  as many revolutions as possible each revolution may only be used once. Revolution topics will be first come first serve.
  3. Begin your research via the WWW, your notes and the textbook following the task stated above.
  4. Put together an outline for your slide presentation
  5. Begin putting together your slide presentation. (Pay attention to mini-lesson on power point to make it look great)
  6. Present your Power Point on Revolution to the rest of the class.

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Working well within the group Little contribution to group . Working with in the group but not fulfilling full group obligations. Working well within the group and  sharing of the task. Excellent group performance: Supportive, Cooperative and Completion.
Complete outline Incomplete Outline. Complete, but shoddy and unclear at points. Complete outline. Complete and well thought out outline that will work well in completion of Power Point.
Application of Task


Task is incomplete and missing important elements of cause and effect. Complete task, but lacking true understanding through analysis and  evaluation. Complete task with thoughtful analysis  and evalutation. High level completion of task with a high level of analysis, reflection and evaluation.
Power Point Under 10 slides with plain simple text. Minimum 10 slides, but lacking exploration of software. 10 or more slides showing some mastery of the Power Point program. 10 or more slides showing full mastery of the PPT program. Graphics, sounds and animaitons.
Presentation Under performance on presentation little cooperation and just read from slides. Presentation showed cooperation, but lacked engagement. Show of cooperation and engagement of class.
Outstanding show of cooperation engagement and showmanship.

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Consider the following questions about revoutions.

What kind of political social and economic problems surround the theme revolution and how does it ultimately affect peoples lives? What do governments fail to do that cause political revolutions?
The definition of revolution is near equal to that of change, but what make s a change a revolution?
Are we currently going through any revolutions? Think about what changes we are facing in our society today.

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Credits & References

NYS Regents

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