Advanced Web Searching

Aim: How can we search the web more effectively through a trial and error exercise?

Spark: What problems do people run into while searching the web?

Instructional Objective:

  1. Review responces to Spark with class.
  2. Prepare a peace of paper with a heading to respond to search results
  3. Open up 2nd webpage to Google
  4. Read "Seven Steps Toward Better Searching"
  5. Open "Better Searching Worksheet"
  6. Begin Searches
  7. Record Results on your paper and respond to the questions
  8. Hand in assignment

Searches obtain correct relsults
Incorrect results recorded
Some inconsistant results obtained
Results constistant with search criteria
Results recorded neatly on paper
Messy and unorganized paper
Somewhat neat and organized
Neat and well organized paper
Follows seven steps accurately
Steps clearly not followed
Steps not folllowed evenly
Steps followed accurately