The Cold Warrior Quest



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Complete research on topic that demonstrates clear knowledge on the subject Vague undocumented research. Clear attempts at making up information Some good research from provided sources. Most documented Complete research that includes outside sources as well as the provided ones.
Complete Outline that is organize and uses all the goals provided in the task Unorganized outline that shows very little planning Somewhat organized outline that gives some clues to where the paper is heading Complete outline with clear organization and goals
Power Point Presentation that contains 10 slides with an introduction, several body slides and a conclusion PPT contains less than 10 slides and may lack an introduction or conclusion PPT contains 10 slides, but lacks format. Example: lacks proper into, body or conclusion PPT contains 10 slides or more and is properly formatted
Power Point is attractive and uses pictures, transitions and other functions. Plain white background, few, if any advanced functions PPT uses some functions, but is overall lacking in attractiveness PPT employs many functions and pictures. Attractive and well done
Proper use of Cold War terms Lacks proper use of terms. May only use a few and does not put them with their proper context or definition Uses the terms, but may give accurate, but vague explanations for some of them. Uses all terms and uses them in context within the presentation
Presentations are informative and collaborative Presenters are vague on information and details, little evidence of cooperation Presenters are informed and show evidence of collaboration Presents are very well informed and encourage questioning from the class. Clear evidence of collaboration