Cold Warrior Quest



The Task

  1. Each group of two will be assigned a computer and a specific Cold War event to create a power point presentation on. The following topics will be assigned:
    • The Berlin Blockade and Airlift
    • The Space Race
    • The Cuban Missile Crisis
    • The Collapse of the Soviet Union
    • The Korean War
    • Soviet Invasion of Afganistan
    • The Nuclear Arms Race

  2. Create an outline on paper using the following charateristics of the event
    • Historical Background
    • Causes for the event
    • Actions taken by both sides
    • Immediate effects
    • Long term effects

  3. Create a power point presentation of 10 slides that includes:
    • A title slide with a relevant picture
    • A proper introduction and summary of the event
    • Several body slides that address all characteristics of the event
    • A conclusion that sums up the event
    • A list of sources

  4. Present your topic to the rest of the class using the following guidlines
    • Both members stand and deliver
    • Address the audience, not the screen
    • Memorize your information so that you can look to your audience
    • Immediate effects
    • Long term effects

  5. Any plagerizing or copy and pasting of information will result in a zero

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