Lesson Plan [Genghis Khan Biography]

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Typle of Lesson: Social Studies Biography on Gengis Khan

Lesson Plan Title - Genghis Khan Biography: The Man the Myth and the Legend

Discipline and Topic - Social Studies - This lesson will be part of ta world history unit on global interactions (1200 - 1650)

Target Population
Curriculum Links: This lesson will be part of a wWorld History unit on global interactions in which we are going to end our examination of individual cultures and begin to examine interdependence between these cultures using trade and the exchange of ideas. This biography assignment will be part of our studies of the Mongols. The lesson comes after studies on the resurgence of Europe and the Crusades and will be followed by the fall of the Mongols, the Ming Dynasty and the explorations of Chinese Admiral Zheng He. The major focus here is on research and writing skills.

I will link te lesson to prior knowledge by asking students to comment on past characteristics of conquerors, such as our subject Genghis Khan. Specifically I will use examples from the Crusades from our last unit. I will ask students to list the characteristics of such men as Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart.

In order to connect the lesson to the next day I will assign a homework assignment that sadresses the next days topic. Since the next topic would be the fall of the Mongols and the rise of the Ming in China I would ask studens to review the Mandate of Heaven by having them draw the Dynastic Cycle. [This is the Chinese philosophy theat explains the rise and fall of leaders in China] After this lesson we will continue throughout the semester creating biographies on persons of historical significance.

Link: The Mongols

Objectives - Students will be able to complete a research project on the stated biographical topic using the specified site abve and our class outline. You will be able to:
Media Literacy Objectives - Students will be able to investigate and evaluate an individual using specific factual content.

Materials: Students will need a computer lab

Time: Two 45 minute class periods class period

Scope and Sequence

Anticipatory Set: List the qualities that you woudl find in a famous leader? Jusius Caesar - Ambitious, Charismatic and strategic

Aim: How can investigate and evaluate an individual using specific factual information?

Biographical Outline
  1. Introduction (Use Historical Context and Task to base your introduction
  2. Bady paragraph 1. Beginnings
  3. Body Paragraph 2 Unity
  4. Body paragraph 3. Legacy
  5. Body paragraph 4. Death
  6. Body paragraph 5. Myth
  7. Conclusion tied to theme
Part IIPlagiarizing and citing sources

Workshop: Read the historical context and the task and meet your groups at you assigned computer.

Historical Context: Throughout history many leaders have stood out because of theri ability to unite people.  In the 13 centrury Gengis Khan had succeeded in uniting the factionist tribes of thenomadic Mongols  and later began a world wide empire larger than any other in history. He has left a legacy of greatness as well as wickedness from his actions as leader, but who is the man behind the myth?

Task: Using the information from the website and you knowledge of global history, create a biography on Genghis Khan in which you talk about his early years, legacy, death and the myth he left behind.

Link: The Mongols

Day I. Instructions and Research
Day II. Group Outlines
Project: Individually create you biographies on Gengihis Kahn

Assessment: Students will create a memorial for Genghis Kahn as a follow up project

Homework:  Work from home to complete this writing assignment. It will be due on Monday. [This  may be an amitious assignment for me to assign them so themy will need at least a week on it after the two class periods].

Evaluation of Students

1 Point
2 Points
3 Points
Heading and Title
Incorrect heading and title
Partial Heading and Title
Full heading and title
Complete and effective outline
Ineffective or no outline
Parial Outline
Full oand effective outline
Introduction employs the historical context and the task
Not applied
Introduction partially applies task and historical context.
Introduction applies task and historical context properly
Accurate information from source and cites work
Sources not cited
Source cited, but incorrect URL and format
Coreect citation and placed properly in context
Inclusion of prior knowledge and discussion in some depth
No outside info from class provided
Some and or inaccurate outside info applied in paper
Proper and accurate outside info used in paper
Student uses a proper conclusion aon the essay using the historical content and the task
Conclusion does not apply to paper and has inaccurate info
Student applies task and historical context with some depth
Studnt applies task and historical context with in depth conclusions
Poor grammar
Some mistakes
No Theme addressed
Weak theme addressed throughout some of the paper
Strong theme addressed throughout the paper.

Evaluation of the Lesson - Studtns will create a memorial for Geghis Kahn as a follow up assessmetn. Create an outline of the main ideas of Gengihis Kahn's life and accomplishments and create a write up on what should appear on his memoral.