Cultual Atriibutes [WebQuest and PowerPoint Presentation

Name -  Jarrod McEntarfer

Type of Lesson - WebQuest and Power Point

Lesson Plan Title - Researching Culture

Disipline and Topic - Social Studies [Unit on Culture]

Target Population - 9th Grade H.S. Students

Curriculum Links - This lesson will be part of a unit on culture in which students are examining the its different attributes and applying them to distinct civilizations. They will be using the S.C.L.A.R.G.E. template: Social Structure, Customs, Language/Literature, Arts/Archetecture, Religion, Government and Economy. They will already be familar with this and will use the webquest to create a power point presentation on thier chosen culture.

Objectives -
  1. Students will research information on each attribute of their chosen civilization.
  2. Student will collect information [documents, pictures, general knowledge] from the specified cites.
  3. Students will create and introduction and a conclusion in PP presentation
  4. Students will incorprate the information form their webquest into a power point presentation [one slide for each S.C.L.A.R.G. and E]

Media Literacy Objectives

Materials and Timing

Scope and Sequence

Supplemental Materials

Evaluation of Students

Evaluation of Lesson