Reflective Piece [Educational Computing]
Jarrod McEntarfer


The value of the class "Educational Computing" has had an excellent effect in improving my skills of using technology in the classroom. During the summer session I have aquired a variety of skills and have improved upon my prior knowledge of many subjects including web publishing, lesson planning, software usage and tools.

In creating the lesson plans for this course I have seen a great deal of progress from my first lesson in the telecommunications module to one of my later lessons in the in  the tutor module. I have noticed a progression in comprehension and the overall lesson evaluation which judges the success and or failure of the lesson. I believe that having students write a short reflection of the lesson at the end is a good choice in judging this factor because it gives the teacher direct and individual insight as to what the student learned from the lesson.

In my Portfolio Archives I have chosen from the tutor module a lesson on the Triangle Fire. See LESSON. In this lesson I incorporated online software from the MEROT project which contained a variety of documents for the students to use on the Triangle Fire. See LINK. It gave me a great opportunity to test a new method for incorporating documents in social studiies lesson planning. In the lesson it has the students compare different historical documents, such as pictures and letters, as opposed to just interpreting single documents on the subject. I was also able to expand on this using the photo's in creating a short presentation movie that cna be viewed on the BLOG of this portfolio.

In the first lesson on the Mongols it can be seen that I also used online software as a research link. See LESSON. Comparttively it can be seen from these two different lessons that in the later tutor module I had made much better use of the software by incorporating more direction, group work and a diverse comparitive of documents. The evaluation of the Triangle Fire lesson was probably the most salient improvment between the lessons due to the inclusion of the reflective piece.

The web blog I constructed was very enjoyable and I will improve upon it and use one in my next job search. In the blog I included many content based activites for the students to respond to. The purpose of the blog was not for the students actual use as of present, but to get feedback from other educators on the activities I had posted there.

The photo blog is part of an activity linked to the regular blog. In the activity students will analyze the photographs of people deemed as those who display a "cult of personality" The basis of the activity is to analyze a photograph and answer the question "how does this leader project themselves to their people?" Then the student will research the real person to see if the photograph fits the person.

The web quest will serve to complement one of my early Global I units on culture. Students will complete a web quest in which they are a documentary film producer presenting an idea for a documentary on a specific culture. In doing so they will explore a variety of links on different countries and cultures; such as PORTALS TO THE WORLD offered by the Library of Congress. Students will study up on a particular culture and plug the distinct cultural aspects into a graphic organizer during the web quest and lesson. Once they are finished compiling information they will then create a power point presentation to be presented to the class on their particular culture.

In conclusion I have seen a variety of progress in many areas of educaitonal computing. I am going to see a lot of value in the new technology I have been introduced to and the  improvement of my lesson evaluations.  Other skills I was familar with like Excel and Power Point have been greatly improved form being exercised in this course, but most significantly I have finally been able to effectively publish work on the web.