River Valley Quest
Task 1. Research
Clear use of internet sources (3)
Clear use of text and classroom resources (3)
Cited examples of significant research throughout the presentation (4)
Task 2. Outline
Visable use of the graphic organizer (4)
Evidence of brainstorming (3)
Clear plan of action (3)
Task 3. Technology
Power point is neat No clutter, overlapping visuals.. (4)
Functional Links and easy to navigate (3)
Use of higher fuctions: animations, templates, transitions.. (3)
Task 4. Blogging
Responds fully to initial question (3)
Responds according to discussion guidlines Read Discussion Guidelines
Responds to two classmates using discussion guidelines.(3)
Task 5. Presentation
Used power point presentation Power Point Guidlines discussed in the reading (4)
Responds thoughtfully to questions (3)
Clear cooperation in presentation (3)
Cooperation and working together effectively is half of this project. (50pts)
Table of Contents