River Valley Quest
Project: We will research and create our own website on a River Valley Civilization.
Task 1. Research: Reseach one of the following River Valley Civilizations: Sumer, Egypt, China or India and break down its culture using (GTCLARGE) - Geography,Technology and Acheivments, Customs and Traditions, Language and Literature, Art and Archetecture, Religion, Government and Economy. Use the websites provided your text and notes to outline an informative and visual presentation of your ancient civilization.
graphic Use the graphic organizer to organize your research. All books and websites must be provided and properly sited
Task 2. Outlining: Outline all of your gathered research into a site map. This is basically an extension of your graphic organizer where you give a more elaborate summary of each topic and include the pictures, maps or other links you want to include.
Task 3. Technology: The Technology involved in the project will be proper use of the web and the ability to use power point. Participants will be given a power point template to fill in as they choose, but there must be evidence that you have explored the software and are using its higher functions: transitions, animations, visuals, sounds and so on. It is also important that participants are able to use the web effectively to gather information for their project.
Task 4. Blogging: During the project you are required to respond to my questions in the blog and respond to two of your classmates. Read Discussion Guidelines
Task 5. Presenting: The final part of this project is where you present your virtual tour to the rest of the class. Review the Power Point Guidlines for power point presentations.
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