1. Outline the 7 aspects of your society (below) by having a round table discussion with your group.
  2. Take on the role of: Nurse, Teacher, Businessman, Engineer, Police Officer, Doctor or Farmer to help you think about what might attract them to your society. These are the types of professionals you want to come to your station.  
  3. Create or clip a picture of your space station
  4. Create a slogan for your space stations society.
  5. Create visuals of your society showing everyday life and the attractions of your station
  6. Create a website to advertise the aspects and features your station using the template provided.
  7. Present your station to the class.

Aspects of Society

Government: What kind of government should this society have? Should everyone have an equal voice or should decisions be made by the most educated? How should the leaders be chosen?

Economy: How should the people earn a living? How will people get paid? How will wealth be distributed and will there be private property?

Living Arrangements:  In what kind of living quarters will people live in.

Food: How should food be grown and distributed? What kind of food will you have?

Population: How should people be chosen to live in this society? Should there be restrictions on education, health, age or occupation? How should people who don't follow the rules be treated? How should rule breakers be punished and who should decide the punishment?

Recreation: What kind of recreation will be provided? Will people be entertained or will they have to find their own amusements?

Education: What kind of education will be provided? Will everyone receive the same kind of education or will some have specialized training?