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The Triangle Fire

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Type of Lesson: Tutor (Reference Software)
The Triangle Fire

Disipline and Topic: Social Studies - This lesson will be taught as part of an American History course and our focus specifically on industrializatoin and labor in New York City.

Target Population
    1. Group I. Testimonials
        a. My First Job
        b. Days and Dreams  
        c. Life in the Shop
        d. The Cooper Union Meeting 1909
        e. Fire: p.12 - 14

    2. Group II. Newspapers and Magazines
        a. New York TImes "Men and Girls Die in Waste Factory Fire"
        b. Chicago Sunday Tribune "New York Fire Kills"
        c. New York TImes "Stories of Survivors. And Witnesses and Rescuers Outside Tell What They Saw"
        d. Ladies Garment Worker (Magazine) "Agitation Amoung the Ladies' Waiste makers, Local 25
        e. New York Times "Death List Shows Few Identified"

    3. Group III. Letters and Songs
        a. Letter to WM: from Charles Willis Thompson, journalist.
        b. Letter to Michael and Hugh: Pauline Newman
        c. Song "Mournful Song of the Great Fire
        d. Song "Ballad of the Triangle Fire"
        e Song "The Uprising of Twenty Thousand

Curriculum Links:
This lesson is part of an American History I unit on the industrial revolution and is a digression where we focus on New York City history in particular. There is a heavy focus on this in city schools. I will link the lesson to past discussion about NYC, including immigration, slavery, activism, reform and trade.

The focus will be on the primary documetns taken from the site, in which the studetns will analyze testimonials, newpaper articles and letters and interpret them accordingly with with the content. The lesson will be followed by a look into progressive movements in NYC and the United Sttess to improve quality of life and working conditions.

Media Leteracy Objectives:
Students will analyze and compare and contrast different period primary sources using an ISL pacage offered by the Merlot Project
The particular site within the project source is The Triangle Fire. which contains serveral resources on the topic

***Specific Media Literacy Objectives
  1. Use multimedia authoring tools
  2. Work cooperateively using technology
  3. Use exploratory environments to support learning
  4. Brainstorm a range of information sources to meet a specific information
  5. Take notes and gatehr information on non-print media sources
Materials and Timing:
Time: One 90 minute class period


Aim: How can we compare and contrast different sources about The Triangle Fire by looking at a variet of differnt sources with different perspectives and interpretations?

Instructional Objective: Students will be able to do an analysis aof different documents from the Triangle Fire

Standards: New Yrok History

Motivation Examine the political cartoon for a minute and then writes down the messsaage sent by the cartoon. Who/what is in the picture and what is happening?

Mini-lesson: Go to (http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/trianglefire/) Read topic introduction as a class.

A. Click on "Documents" Use LCD to show how to find documents
B. Assign Groupings (see above)

Workshop: Workshop (35 minutes)
  1. Reading and note taking (15)
  2. Collaboration  (Share out of sources) (15)
  3. Discuss documents and compile information on chart paper for presentation (5)
Share-out: Each group presenter shares out their groups conclusions on the medium using the chart paper and markers

Assessment: Write a short reflection on what you learned today about the triangle fire and how these sources differed tin perspectives.


Supplemental Materials: None

Evaluation of Students

1 point
2 points
3 points
Students read and take notes on document
No or inadequate notes taken
Notes taken, but are few and/or inaccurate
Sufficiant notes taken on the subject
Student summarized their document to the group
No summary
Poor and or inaccurate summary on the topic
Accurate and informative summary
Students contributed to discussion
No Contribution
Little contribution
Full Contribution
Student fulfills his or her group role effectively
Uncooperative and does not fulfill roll
Semi-fulfills role in group
Fully assumes group role

Evaluation of Lesson: In this lesson there will be indebt group work using primary source documents in a complex comparative way as opposed to simple interperetation. Evaluation of the lesson will be more on a group basis using their conclusions that they wrote on the chart paper, thieir individual notes and the reflective pieces they will write after the lesson.

During the workshop of the lesson the teacher will be mobile going from group to group of course and from here is a good opportunity as well to gather info as to if the lesson is going smoothly and how it could be improved.