Researching Culture [WebQuest and PowerPoint Presentation]

Name -  Jarrod McEntarfer                                                                                                 Home

Type of Lesson - WebQuest and Power Point                                                                  Web Quest

Lesson Plan Title - Researching Culture

Disipline and Topic - Social Studies [Unit on Culture]

Target Population - 9th Grade H.S. Students

Curriculum Links - This lesson will be part of a unit on culture in which students are examining the its different attributes and applying them to distinct civilizations. They will be using the S.C.L.A.R.G.E. template: Social Structure, Customs, Language/Literature, Arts/Archetecture, Religion, Government and Economy. They will already be familar with this and will use the webquest to create a power point presentation on thier chosen culture.

Objectives -
  1. Students will research information on each attribute of their chosen civilization.
  2. Student will collect information [documents, pictures, general knowledge] from the specified cites.
  3. Students will create and introduction and a conclusion in PP presentation
  4. Students will incorprate the information form their webquest into a power point presentation [one slide for each S.C.L.A.R.G. and E]

Media Literacy Objectives:
  1. Students will use multimedia authoring tools
  2. Students will use a variety of non-print media sources.
  3. Students will take notes and gather data from non-print media sources

Materials and Timing
Timing - Two 90 minute class periods

Materials -
  1. Lab top lab

Scope and Sequence

Day 1

Anticipatory Set - Question: Imagine you are a famous producer of films. You have just been hired to create a documentary on the most unique culture in the world. Which culture would you choose and what would the documentary be like? (8)

Instructions: - Introduce Web Quest and its task (10)

Selection - Go to one of the following websites and choose a country you would like to research. (20)
Research - Have students start the web quest and begin research. (til the end of the period)

Day 2

Semantic Map - Students should begin filling in their semantic map on their country. (20)
S - Social Structure
C - Customs
L - Language and Literature
A - Arts and Archetecture
R - Religion
G - Government
E - Economy

*** Students should already be familar with this semantic map from prior lessons before starting this project.

Power Point - Students will use their semantic map to create a power point presentation on their country (Til the end of the class)

Present - Students will present their country on the LCD to the class. ( Spread out throughout the next few weeks)

Supplemental Materials - None

Evaluation of Students

Research done on civilization
No research done on topic
Little  research done on topic
Good reseach done on topic
Notes and data collected
No notes
Little notes and data collected on the subject
Good notes and data collected on the subject
Power Point
No Power Point
Power Point missing intro and or conclusion with little detail on subject
Infomative Power Point presentation that includes all components
Semantic Map
In complete Semantic Map that includes no details
Semantic map that includes little detail on the topic
Good semantic map that includes good details on the topic.

Evaluation of Lesson: At the end of the lesson the students will write a reflective piece on what they learned from the lesson. Information will also be gather from the students as the teacher is mobile throughout the class during the workshop period.