Researching Culture

A WebQuest for 9th Grade (Social Studies)

Designed by Jarrod McEntarfer

Jarrod McEntarfer


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Imagine you are a famous producer of films. You have just been hired to create a documentary on the most unique or unusual culture in the world. What culture would you choose and what would the documentary be like?

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The Task

You are a film producer creating a presentation for a documentary on a specific world culture. In doing so you must research each attribute of the culture on the web and complete a semantic map called S.C.L.A.R.G.E. outlining the major aspects of a culture: Social Structure, Customs, Language, Art/Archetechture, Religion, Government and Economy. You will then use this chart to create a presentation using power point to show to the film company executives.

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The Process

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Completed S.C.L.A.R.G.E Chart


Chart is incomplete and full of inaccuracies
Chart is complete with little relevant data
Chart is complete with some relevant data
Chart is complete with good relevant and informative data


Introduction and Conclusion



No introduction or conclusion
introduction or conclusion missing
Introduction and conclusion with little depth
Introduction and conclusion with sufficient depth


Outline Created for Power Point Presentation



No outline
Poorly developed outline that lacks good data
Satifactory developed outline with some good data
Well developed outline with good data throughout


Power Point Slides


No Slides
Poorly constructed slides with no extra's (transitions, color..)
Good slides with some extras
Excellently constructed slide and mastery of their production


No Presentation
Poor presentation  with bad use of communication  skills
Good informative presentation with reference to the slides
Excellent presentation and references to slides

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Opon completion the student should have a completed semantic map, a complete outline and power point presentation with at least nine slides. Presentations of the power point presentations will be made at the end of class over the next couple weeks.

Write a brief reflection about what you have learned from this project. How is the culture you studied different from your own? Are there any simularities you picked up on?

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Credits & References

Schwartz Elaine - Global History II Study Guide, Western Suffolk BOCES, 2002

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